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    Supported People and Circle-of-Support

    iplanit is built around the Person Portal, and founded on the principles of inclusion, control and empowerment.

    How iplanit Assists Supported People

    It allows supported people to access not only their agreed care/support plans, but also their desired outcomes (both past and present, highlighting their life journey) and the progress being made towards them. Additionally, individuals can see their Calendar – all the things that they need to either prepare for or look forward to – ensuring that they have agency over their life and schedules.

    The ability to upload various media allows the individual to personalise their record, as well as bring their plans, calendar and outcomes to life in an accessible, engaging way.

    Supported People can also access the internal iplanit messaging system, allowing direct communication with their support team, service management and their wider circle-of-support.

    Adding “invited guests” further empowers the person, as they can decide who from their circle-of-support will be involved and included in their care planning and outcomes, with control over levels of access for those invited.

    Supported People and Circle-of-Support

    Key Benefits

    • The Person Portal puts Supported People at the heart of their service, promoting inclusion and ownership.  By involving the circle-of-support, a real ethos of wraparound support and co-production is fostered, with a focus on relationships and self-directed support.
    • Being invited to the Person Portal by a Supported Person means that the circle-of-support are able to view support plans, outcomes and progress, the person’s calendar of activities and appointments and any uploaded media, which may include photos or videos of activities.
    • “Invited Guests” are able to utilise the iplanit internal messaging system, facilitating a co-productive communication approach with the person at the heart.

    What Supported People Say About iplanit

    • “Cheshire Ireland chose iplanit because it offered us a holistic approach to care planning and delivery that reflects our person-centred values.”

      National Quality Lead
      Cheshire Ireland
    • “iplanit is an exciting project made possible through the enthusiasm and hard work of our dedicated staff team. We are able to spend less time on paperwork and more meaningful time with the people we support leading to better outcomes.”

      Hadassa Kessler
      Director of Operations, Kisharon
    • iplanit feels like it has been developed by people who understand the care system, and the difference in between supported living, residential, mental health, because that’s what’s so important, and that’s what makes iplanit stand out.

      Sarah Dawson
      Clinical Director, 1st Enable

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