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    Electronic Care Planning For Mental Health Services

    iplanit is built around outcomes, and within the functionality of outcomes are “step-goals”, allowing providers to work with individuals to build detailed, actionable recovery and maintenance plans for their Mental Health and Wellbeing.

    The Person Portal provides ownership and clarity and facilitates the involvement of wider support networks.

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    How Does iplanit Work With Mental Health Services

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      The configurability of iplanit facilitates highly specialist care and support plans to be developed for service providers with associated workflows, and the relevant optional modules to ensure a specific end-to-end system is created for providers to ensure that people are at the heart of their support and recovery.

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      Detailed, personalised progress records and the ability to attach documentation from multi-disciplinary teams ensures that support teams have the most up-to-date support and risk management information at all times.

    Helping You To Support Patients’ Mental Health With iplanit Electronic Care Planning

    iplanit puts people at the heart of their care and support, as well as including and involving family, friends and wider support networks, essential in multi-disciplinary and social input for Mental Health services.

    The Person Portal allows individuals to access their plans and outcomes, have ownership of their services, and track and celebrate their progress. 

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    Benefits Of iplanit Electronic Care Planning For Mental Health Care Services

    • Unique outcome and goal tracking is ideal for planning and monitoring recovery pathways

    • Person Portal provides ownership and access to support plans and outcomes

    • Multi-disciplinary team and social support network involvement

    • Personalised, detailed record keeping

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