Our Care Management System , iplanit

iplanit is a leading international care management system for care and support providers. This award winning solution is used extensively by leading provider organisations who support people in the disability, mental health and supported living sectors right across the UK, Ireland New Zealand and Australia.

iplanit helps provider management, staff, funders and people supported by evidencing value, supporting inclusion, managing risk and lowering costs. This online platform allows management to create and measure a culture of accountability and service quality while delivering person centered outcomes.

Check out iplanit core and optional modules below

Benefits for People & Families

  • BRING YOUR PLANS TO LIFE – Accessible plans come alive through graphics, videos, photos, pictures and sound.
  • MAKE PLANS HAPPEN – Make it more likely that your plans happen and staff focus on those things which are really important to you.
  • TAKE CONTROL – You and your provider can control what information goes in and who sees what.
  • TRACK OUTCOMES – Keep track of what you are achieving and doing.
  • TRACK ACTIVITIES AND KEEP IN TOUCH – Involve your circle of support and see who is doing what and when. 
  • LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST – Achieve life’s potential, fulfil and showcase your life long goals, no matter how small.


Benefits for Providers, Funders and Inspectors

  • BETTER OUTCOMES – Improve the lives of people you support. Plans are seen to be implemented.
  • TRACK PERFORMANCE – A live dashboard to inform management decisions.
  • EVIDENCE VALUE – A live view of the impact and value of your efforts for the people you support and improve competitiveness
  • REDUCE COSTS – Reduced paper process costs, streamline processes, reduce reporting administration for stakeholders.
  • MANAGE RISK AND COMPLIANCE – Reduce risks, administration costs and improve compliance and quality of services 
  • MANAGE REOURCES – Streamline frontline tasks and activities by optimising resources and staff calendars.

Flexible configuration to meet your needs

iplanit offers clients a unique combination of capabilities which allow providers to quickly replicate their unique paper-based support plans and related processes on a secure, accessible, intuitive online platform.

This is achieved through your required combination of iplanit modules and our Quickstart configuration methodology which uses our extensive library of sector specific, best practice templates. This allows providers to quickly configure their unique support plans, support processes, reporting requirements for every social care, service delivery setting.