What is iplanit?

iplanit is a care plan software that is uniquely designed to help providers go beyond simply creating digital care plans.

Our range of user-friendly modules have been created to give a real-time overview of support delivery, monitor outcomes, evidence value, produce detailed data driven reports and much more. 

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Flexible configuration

Setting us apart from other care management tools, our electronic care plan software allows for flexible configuration. 

Providers can replicate their current paper-based support plans, processes and reporting requirements on a secure, intuitive online care management platform.  By Implementing your required combination of iplanit modules alongside our Quickstart configuration methodology, you will have a successful CMS project. 

With over 100 electronic care plans software roll-outs to date, Aspirico has amassed an extensive library of sector specific, best practice templates to assist in this process. Contact us today to learn how we can help you. 

“It was the right time to start digitizing some of our practices so iplanit came along at the right time. We were able to adapt and build a new online structure around a new support project while moving into the 21st Century with a digital approach. iplanit has made digitization a more streamlined process. The care plan software has improved accessibility across our teams all over the U.K. by allowing them to get an overview of the people they support at the touch of a button. This has opened our eyes to what’s going on in and around the organisation at a much quicker pace.”

Vicky Edgecombe

iplanit Project Coordinator, Dimensions U.K.


What is care management software?

Care Management Software, sometimes referred to as Care Plan Software is a digital care planning tool that can help social and mental health care providers move their paper-based recording methods, online. Moving to this paper-less approach allows organisations to track support and task delivery in real-time. It also allows them to access care and support plans instantly and create reports for an audit at the click of a button.


My team are not technical experts. Is the iplanit care management software user-friendly?

iplanit is specifically designed to be an intuitive, self-service tool for the non-technical user. To this end, we have included help and explanatory texts within each screen on the system along with lookup features to provide additional information. As such, minimal training should be sufficient for a system “administration” level user. Most team members should be able to use the system without detailed training. The care software is also designed to support a “dual operation” world where some users continue to use paper records (at least in part) where required. We offer onsite and remote training support with our expert rollout team.


Does iplanit work with any size organisation?

Absolutely. The care management system is specifically geared to be able to scale from small teams of individual professionals to support large public sector clients. Critically we also support controlled inclusion of service users/family/carer input into the team activities.


Can iplanit link to our existing systems and processes?

Yes. We have specifically developed a secure interface called iplanit Connect to allow service providers to link into their existing systems and processes. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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