Care Management Platform


What is iplanit?

iplanit is a leading international care planning software solution that is uniquely designed to help providers go beyond simply creating digital care plans. iplanit uniquely manages the full service delivery life-cycle from intake to review from a person-centred standpoint.

Our unique iplanit architecture is built around the person supported, putting them at the heart of your services and values. The iplanit platform includes an extensive range of user-friendly modules, providing real-time monitoring of care delivery, outcomes, incidents, funding, and much more. The accessible “person portal” empowers people supported to include family, friends, professionals and their wider circle-of-support into their support plans and communications. Management teams can evidence value and produce detailed reports for quality and compliance requirements. Information security is one of Aspirico’s top priorities evidenced by our ISO 27001 accreditation.

See the graphic below for a summary of the iplanit core and optional modules

Flexible configuration

 Every provider of care has their own unique values, organisation structures, processes, support plans, and reporting requirements. As such, you deserve a solution which is uniquely configured to your client and organisational needs. Uniquely in the market, the iplanit care management platform is configured to a very detailed level for every one of our provider client organisations.

Our Quickstart process allows providers to quickly replicate and streamline their current paper-based plans and processes on our secure, intuitive online care management software. 

By implementing our “steps to success” approach, providers can quickly drive successful CMS project outcomes. With hundreds of electronic care planning project roll-outs to date, Aspirico also has access to an extensive library of sector specific, best practice templates to help accelerate your transformation processes. 

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“It was the right time to start digitizing some of our practices so iplanit came along at the right time. We were able to adapt and build a new online structure around a new support project while moving into the 21st Century with a digital approach. iplanit has made digitization a more streamlined process. The care plan software has improved accessibility across our teams all over the U.K. by allowing them to get an overview of the people they support at the touch of a button. This has opened our eyes to what’s going on in and around the organisation at a much quicker pace.”

Vicky Edgecombe

iplanit Project Coordinator, Dimensions U.K.