Care Planning Software For Mental Health Services

The iplanit electronic care planning software is uniquely designed around the individual being supportedIt turns care planning into a live, recovery focussed, fully participative process. Building on the care and treatment of each individual, it solves a number of key issues in one solution: 

  • How to achieve meaningful service user engagement 
  • How to ensure care teams stay up-to-date with the changing needs and plans of each service user 
  • How to manage the performance of care teams, based on service users’ goals and outcomes 
  • How to report to referrers and commissioners, based on outcomes, not just activity 

Good care planning in mental health rests on four principles:  

  • service user and family involvement in all aspects of the design and delivery of care packages 
  • a single plan for all professions, drawing on all relevant and necessary expertise 
  • a care co-ordinator, organising the resources required, and leading communications with the service user
  • regular reviews, ensuring the plan changes as needs change 

All of this is very widely supported within mental health services – but making it work can be difficult in practice where issues can emerge in keeping it live, ensuring good communications and managing the administrative systems.  

 The iplanit care planning platform places service users genuinely at the heart of the care planning process, promoting control and recovery. iplanit ensures live, real-time communications between the care team, the service user, along with friends and family. In addition, it can facilitate peer support between service users, supporting diarised CBT approaches, with live gathering of moods and experiences. For management, it provides immediate, live data on service outcomes and service performance. iplanit supports a culture where providers can clearly monitor progress in as it happens and identify potential issues quickly allowing for early implementation of intervention actions. 

The iplanit electronic care planning software also manages the compliance and information governance needs of providers. It securely archives a full historical audit trail of the persons support plans and related data in a manner consistent with statutory information governance obligations.

For an overview of all Core and Optional iplanit care management software modules , click here

“The main selling point of the iplanit care management system was the fact that we could have all the information that we use stored in one place. A number of the funders we work in partnership with have a requirement that we hold the records and documentation for a minimum of 7 years. Working with a large number of tenants – support plans, risk assessments and notes being recorded daily added up to a lot of paper along with a lot of space required to store it all. Therefore, being able to have all that information recorded onto iplanit made life much easier. Additionally, reports by social workers and external bodies can be scanned, uploaded and stored in one place under each tenant. It’s secure and confidential. Accessing the information is a click of 1 or 2 buttons.”

Damian, Manager, Kilcreggan Homes