The Aspirico name is derived from the word “Aspire” and points to our mission to create and deliver inclusive, world-class technology solutions which allow people to fulfil their potential in life.

Since our foundation in Ireland in 2006, we have been driven by the desire to help social care services become more person-centred. We do this through the development of innovative technology specifically for disability, mental health and supported living services. Many of our client facing staff are experienced social care professionals who are experts in person centred principles and practice. Our technology team is passionate about evolving the iplanit case management system to meet the needs of all stakeholders including people supported, provider management, staff and funder needs.

Our mission is to help move the industry towards greater personalisation, efficiency, empowerment, transparency and inclusion. In doing so, we have been proud to receive a number of industry accolades acknowledging iplanit as a leading international solution in social care. These awards recognise that iplanit uniquely allows providers to manage the full life cycle of services from intake to review from a person centered standpoint.




Evidencing Value

Allowing providers to demonstrate the value of their services to clients and funders

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Allowing people and supporters access to the most up to date information to best faclitate care needs

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Allowing provider performance to be transparent to everyone, from family to funders

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Giving Staff, supporters and people the tools to be empowered and accountable

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