The Croft Community

The Croft Community is a Northern Ireland based service provider offering housing, care and support services to adults with learning disabilities.

As a registered charity, they pride themselves in their person-centred approach to fulfilling the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those using their services.

Their aim is to empower individuals to live fulfilling lives within the local community with services ranging from residential to supported living to day services. Croft Community continually adapt and develop their services to meet the ever-changing needs of those they support.

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“To be able to access to information that we didn’t have before, centrally , from a management perspective and a support worker perspective, it’s very evident that this is saving time, and time is obviously money.”

Clive Evans

Former CEO, The Croft Community

The Challenge

Croft Community had a variety of issues that they wanted to resolve with an IT solution. They wanted to regulate the readability and accuracy of care and support plans. They hoped to achieve this by having online plans that could easily be updated while being visible to practitioners, service users and their families.

The monitoring of support task completion was also highly important as the organisation wanted to ensure that important events such as medial appointments weren’t missed along with significant life events like family birthdays.

In addition to this, it was a goal of the croft community for 2017 to 2020 to capitalize on IT by leveraging it for the benefit of service users as well enabling them to deliver an effective, efficient and quality service.

Creating A Configurable Solution

After reviewing various care management solutions, Croft Community decided on iplanit care planning software. The main reason for this decision was that Aspirico was a company with a clear focus, the service user, and because iplanit was a solution that would be relatively easy to use and introduce to staff with limited computing skills.

The organisation recognised the merit of iplanit’s user interface which was not overcrowded and allowed managers and staff members alike to use it easily and effectively.

 Outcomes could be identified and actions could be easily put in place to achieve these outcomes. Due to Aspirico’s vast knowledge and client base within the industry, they would be able to help Croft Community to rethink planning processes and plan templates.

The Benefits

Croft Community now use iplanit to facilitate digital transformation of personalized outcome plans and information storage while also providing a user-friendly online interface for staff members, managers and service users. Other benefits include:

  • Saving time for staff members in the area of reporting and storage. Before iplanit, when staff members would attend meetings, for example medical reviews, they would have to flick through notebooks and filing cabinets to find the necessary information for a particular time period. With iplanit they can easily access specific information for the desired dates within seconds using the “Reports” module. This gives staff confidence and added professionalism in meetings.
  • Enhancements in service user inclusion. This is enabled by the “Calendar” module. Staff members can sit with the person supported and plan their week with them allowing the person to highlight what they would like to achieve for the days to come along with tracking appointments and outings for that week. The module caters for users of all abilities with the option to use media to display plans for those who can’t read.
  • Allows managers to be omnipresent across all locations under their supervision. Managers can use the “Dashboard” to check in on any issues they should be aware of. This in turn helps managers to determine if there is any training needed for staff at any location. As well as with this, when managers visit staff and service users at a location, they already know and feel connected with what is going on. Therefore, time that was previously spend figuring out a situation can now be spent assisting in correcting it.
  • Improved service quality for people supported with the ability to track tasks online. Support tasks put in place for service users are monitored and being achieved in a timely manner.
  • Evidence of value for service users, their families, funders and commissioners.

Configured online plans allow commissioners to be easily provided with accurate evidence of outcome-based achievement. Management have regular reports to track quality of service delivery and access to statutory performance indicator graphs.  Inspectors have been impressed by iplanit and can naturally see that it is person centred and by design good for the service user.

  • As time goes by, iplanit will be useful when biding for tenders. It will be simple to show you have a very effective solution in place that is also person-centred.
  • Improvements in service user inclusion.
  • Reduction in paper-based processing costs.
  • The Media module has allowed for greater transparency and makes sharing personal events even more enjoyable for the service user. For example, by using the iplanit media section, service users can now share holiday pictures or other events with family and friends. As a result, Croft Community is able to build a whole personal profile for service users leading to a more inclusive and person-centred service.



Managers and Support Workers recognised that the implementation of any system would require time and training. Training for staff was a high priority for Croft Community. They acknowledged the support given from the iplanit team throughout the implementation phase with various training sessions including face to face, on site workshops and online delivery of specific modules.

The implementation of the iplanit system has saved both time and money for managers and support workers. Information for reports that was previously difficult to gather is now easily and readily available. Time saved on administrative tasks allows for more time to dedicate to the people supported.

As a result of the iplanit project, family and friends will be able to access the support plan and progress, empowering their engagement in a more productive way. Management now can monitor staff and unit performance, plan deployment, outcome and action progress and ensure quality compliance.

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