Benefit: Evidencing Value

Access "live" provider performance information captured at the point of care allowing you to easily evidence the real value of your services to funders and clients alike whilst demonstrating compliance to funders and inspectors.

This is achieved through performance reporting which offers:

  • Instantly generated reports on attainment of organisational measures based directly on achievement of plan outcomes.
  • Ability to filter by location or by activity area, e.g. supported living/day services.
  • Ability to export reports, e.g. on plans, risk or individual profile data to excel or other systems.
  • Ability to tailor reports to individual manager's needs.
  • Review patterns over location or over time in terms of changing needs across client population.
  • Review patterns in terms of risk exposure and contingencies.
  • A range of optional reports to inform Staff reviews.
  • Client data drill down reporting- helping management reduce paper based reporting to analyse the demographics of the client population. This can be blended with the plan data, the progress/outcome data and quality data to provide rich drill down opportunities for management to really have an up to date picture of what is happening at the client level across their organisation.
  • Plan Reporting- the ability for management to get instant graphs summarising the status of plans, plan types, drilling into activity levels in specific areas of plan types to ensure good practice and use of resources.
  • Management Dashboard- the ability for a team leader, or frontline manager to identify specific items of poor performance, shining a spotlight on quality. This could be listing those plans which are not being updated, highlighting service areas where outcomes have not progressed, etc.
  • Quality reporting- the ability to deliver instant snapshots to regulators on quality adherence and risk management across the organisation.

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