London, 23rd May 2019

Many providers and commissioners across the social care sector have been grappling with the challenges of dealing with austerity with providers often having to deliver more for less. In these circumstances, quality of service delivery can be harder to maintain but solutions do exist to drive a culture shift which maximises the potential of people being supported and enhances prevention as opposed to risk containment. The recent BBC Panorama programme highlights the ongoing need for providers to review the systems and processes they have in place to support transparency, supervision, incident management and quality of services delivered.

Providers are increasingly looking to be creative in designing and delivering personalised support packages that improve quality of life. In doing so, providers can use innovative solutions like iplanit which have been proven to help managers showcase the quality of services, ensure compliance with regulations, evidence quality and drive improved client satisfaction using  transparent “point of care” evidence.

The award winning iplanit system was recently recognised at the BILD PBS awards for 2019 in this context and has been implemented across some of the most person centered and quality focused providers in the market internationally. It has allowed these providers to create a culture shift supporting support person centred values, inclusion, transparency and higher quality of outcomes for individuals. It has also been proven to support delivery of significant long term savings to local authorities and providers alike.

Providers interested in finding out more should send an email to to learn more about iplanit’s safeguarding and quality compliance capabilities.

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