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Support WorkerClarion Housing Group U.K.
"With iplanit everything makes sense, there is an obvious process to follow"
Financial Director, iplanit client
“We have introduced a culture of accountability and collaboration in a person centred way”
Director, Regional Provider, iplanit client
“We can target our time and money on those things people want and those things we know are effective….This can only help better all round decisions in the service and better lives for people as a consequence”
Regional Director, National Provider, iplanit client
“We can significantly reduce the time and effort in collecting information for purchasers and regulators”
CEO, Regional Provider, iplanit client
“The biggest impact is on the increased number, quality and visibility of truly person-centred outcomes. There's now nowhere for staff to hide if they are under-ambitious for people or inattentive to people's dreams. It has made a central contribution to our transformation into an organisation that measures its success by the achievement of person-centred outcomes. "
National Quality Lead, iplanit Customer
“With iplanit we are definitely saving more time and focusing on the things that matter”
Local Authority Commissioning Lead
“iplanit gets us much closer to understanding quickly what is really happening at the point of care”
Local Authority Housing Related Support Commissioner
“It (iplanit)gives us really dynamic performance data on how providers are performing against the contract. "
CEO, National Provider, iplanit client
"Administrative and reporting costs have significantly reduced. It takes less time, effort and cost to collect information for commissioners and regulators."
Quality Director, National Provider, iplanit client
"It is really important to demonstrate value through real life stories and also with real evidenced based information – iplanit does this easily”

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Quality and Austerity Can Coexist

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