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Aspirico was delighted to take part in the Learning Disability England conference in Manchester last week. The theme of the conference this year was “Including Everyone”.

To kick off the day, our iplanit trainer, Terry Langton, held a mini-workshop. The workshop focused on how person-centred care management software can underpin a change in behaviour in service design and delivery that builds on rights, demonstrates provider value and supports inclusion. He also discussed what was next for person centred design and outlined how innovation can be used to ensure the voice of the person supported is heard and understood.

Other workshops run throughout the day aimed to expand skill sets and understanding on topics such as making a profound difference together, being active in your community and mindfulness.

Topics of the day

Speakers discussed important topics of inclusion and civil society, health and care for people with disabilities and how we can work together to achieve change. The concept of #includingeveryone rang through with the emphasis being on recognising equality and acknowledging the importance of choice when it comes to care to and support. Dame Julie Unwin made the point that “If community organisations, provider organisations, people with learning disabilities and/or autism and campaigning organisations work together they would be a force to be reckoned with”.

The drive to work together continued with talks on changing policies so people with autism and learning disabilities can be supported more in homes rather than hospitals #homesnothospitals.


Chris Dobinson, our iplanit consultant who attended on the day, said “The conference was very well run and the inclusion aspect of people supported was very well received. Every day is learning day and it’s great to get a rounded view of the new challenges and issues that are important to people with learning disabilities”. Chris was delighted to meet people from the organisations who use our care plan software along with making new connections.

If you would like to hear more about Aspirico’s person-centred care management software and our focus on including everyone in the support circle, contact Chris.

Siobhán graduated with a degree in Neuroscience in 2015 and since then has built up experience in science, healthcare, and technology. She divides her time between a range of marketing activities for Aspirico while also performing as a quality assurance engineer for the development team to test new releases of iplanit software.