There are a number of elements and features to consider when choosing the right care management software for your organisation. Below we have listed a number of areas against which to measure up the options available to you

1.Person-Centred System  

A digital system that is designed with the individual supported at the centre can support your organisation’s person-centred goals. Digitalised support plans allow for the plans, actions, goals, and outcomes to be kept live and up to date. Online plans allow for management to get an overview of plan statuses for all individuals supported and encourage continuous progress and improvement.


Flexible system configuration allows providers to quickly streamline and replicate existing paper-based systems. Care planning software that can be designed in tandem with your specific organisational requirements encourages a smooth system roll-out. Creating a digital system with terminology and processes with which management and staff are familiar makes for a smooth transition from a paper-based system to a digital system.


Your chosen electronic care planning system should allow for access to information from all levels of the organisation. Defined access rights and portals will allow for managers, staff, and external supports, along with people supported and their families to be included in care and support. This multi-level access allows for information to be available to the right people, at the right time.

4.Mobile Working   

One of the major benefits of going digital with care planning and care management is the cloud-based infrastructure. Information is no longer in one filing cabinet but rather available on multiple devices at the click of a button. Not only is this logistically convenient, it ensures version control of each plan and reduces the risk of duplicate plan versions.


The importance of information and software security is at an all time high. With many industries conducting business almost completely online, the need for protection again malicious attack or other risks is essential. A care management software provider that ensures integrity, authentication, and availability should be a top priority. The ISO 27001 certification is an internationally recognised gold standard for managing risks to the security of information that an organisation holds.

6.Report Compatibility 

Digital solutions for care management mean that information can be stored in a central repository. The electronic planning solution of your choice should be able to create reports that are compatible with regulatory body requirements such as the CQC and NHS. Preparing for inspections should be simplified with the ability to filter necessary information at the click of button.


Introduction of a care management software requires extensive project management and revision. Choosing a software that is scalable, whereby roll-out begins with basic functionality, and then expands can ensure a successful overall project. Staff adaptation is essential to ensure everyday use of the new system, whereby introduction of the new system over time can be useful.

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