Care Planning Software For Autism And Learning Disabilities

iplanit has become the care planning software of choice for many leading providers of Learning Disability support services, due to its unique person-centred design along with a focus on outcomes and inclusion. For provider management, it delivers real-time dashboards and notifications to help drive service quality, manage risk and ensure regulatory compliance.

Individuals being supported can also have personal access to their support plans and they can invite family members and their circle-of-support into the care planning, delivery and monitoring processes of their life. . iplanit is uniquely architected to drive this inclusive approach to tracking the persons journey, whilst managing risk, minimising incidents and optimising outcomes with our care planning software. This is securely enabled via the accessible person portal within the core iplanit care management software modules.

Every provider implementation of iplanit software is unique. Our ease of  configuration means that providers can easily incorporate existing processes and tailor support plans to include specialized approaches such as Positive Behaviour Support and SPELL.

For provider management and funders, iplanit optimises the performance of care teams, based on individuals’ goals and outcomes. It helps evidence value and compliance to regulators and funders based on outcomes, not just activity. The iplanit care management platform also manages the compliance and information governance needs of providers. It securely archives a full historical audit trail of the persons support plans and related data in a manner consistent with statutory information governance obligations.

For an overview of all Core and Optional iplanit care management software modules , click here

Check out the video below about Dimensions , one of our U.K. Customers, explaining their use of iplanit

“iplanit has improved accessibility across our learning disability and autism support teams all over the U.K. by allowing them to get an overview of the people they support at the click of a button”

Vicky Edgecombe, iplanit Project Coordinator, Dimensions U.K.