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    iplanit Care Management Platform By Aspirico

    iplanit Care Management Platform By Aspirico

    iplanit is a care planning software solution designed to help care providers evolve beyond “time and task” approaches to an outcomes-focused, person-centred approach, through its unique architecture built around the person, putting them and their choices at the heart of their services.

    Person-Centred Care 

    Empowered by the Person Portal, people supported can add “invited guests” including family, friends and their wider circle-of-support into their support plans and communications, promoting an inclusive and collaborative culture.

    Care Management Platform With Flexible Configuration

    iplanit’s unique outcomes-focused design and ethos allows service providers to embed a truly person-centred culture, supporting people to achieve life’s potential.

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    Data-Driven Platform

    As a data-driven system as opposed to forms-based, iplanit is highly configurable throughout; from support plans to notes and logs to profile data capturing. iplanit offers a unique range of core planning and optional modules. These are described in the graphic below. Providers can combine modules to build a comprehensive solution tailored to their specialist services, incorporating your terminology, processes and reporting needs and making iplanit easy to adopt and use every day.

    To learn more about how Social Care Providers have benefitted from using iplanit within their daily services, click here!


    for people, carers and staff
    for people, carers and staff
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    For up-to-date monitoring of plan outcomes, keeping goals and actions on track.

    The Outcomes module forms the heart of the Core iplanit system and is configurable to suit customer needs and language.

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    Personalised Plans

    For digitalised person-centred plans that help individuals supported fulfil their life potential.

    The highly configurable nature of iplanit allows customers to configure different types of support plans to suit different types of services – for example learning disabilities, mental health and older people.

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    Integrated Risk Management

    For Risk Management plans that are as personalised and specific as a support plan.

    Risk Management in iplanit is uniquely designed to be as person-centred as a support plan. Specific risks can be identified and “linked” to specific instructions or guidance in the support plan, with the relevant control measures assigned directly to the identified hazard.

    digital care planning software

    For secure and efficient internal communication.

    iplanit contains an internal messaging system allowing staff and managers to communicate directly, as well as people supported and other stakeholders who have been “invited” to the individual’s record via the portal.

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    Family & Friends

    For involving an individual’s circle-of-support.

    Through the Person Portal, People Supported are able to “invite” guests to share access to their portal, such as family members, friends and others involved in their circle-of-support.

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    For active capturing of key performance indicators toward internal and external metrics.

    KPI and other framework categories can be configured and directly linked to outcomes, such as CQC 5 KLOEs, commissioners KPIs and internal measures and values.

    iplanit - care management software
    Reporting Suite

    Detailed reports at the click of a button facilitating audit and inspection needs.

    The extensive iplanit reporting suite offers the ability to deliver instant snapshots to regulators on quality adherence and risk management across the organisation. This includes a range of charts with icons and it is designed specifically with social care management, workers and end users in mind.

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    For adding pictures, videos and sounds to a person’s record to bring their plans and outcomes to life.

    Accessible through the Person Portal, the Media functionality allows the individual and/or their support teams to upload images, videos and sound files to bring their support plans and outcomes to life.

    iplanit - care management software
    Notes & Logs

    For clear, accessible, online care and support notes.

    The iplanit notes and logs module offers extensive note taking and categorisation capabilities with a comprehensive audit trail allowing you to quickly view who created a note, modified a note and who has read the note/s. Each note board is configured to meet the need of the service provider.

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    Dashboard & Alerts

    A simple, clean-cut view of iplanit modules and services, and 24/7 management overview of activities and approval needs.

    The Dashboard covers a wide range of data relating to clients, staff, managers, locations. It allows historic/handover information to be easily accessed and shows all the recent activity for a person supported. From the Alert Panel, a number of alerts will be presented for the staff based on their role, permissions and location.

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    Document Management

    Protected, online storage of care and support records, saving on physical storage requirements.

    An extension of the Media functionality, Document Management is an ‘Electronic Filing Cabinet’ within each individual’s record for external documentation. Documents, such as safeguarding measures, best interest decisions, instructions to staff, etc., are accessible only to staff logins, and can be linked to plans, risk assessments, outcomes.


    for staff and management
    for staff and management
    care planning software

    For capturing of appointments, activities and daily events keeping staff, management and supported individuals informed.

    In line with the iplanit core value as a “person centred” solution, the primary focus of the calendar module is to provide the person supported with important reminders (e.g., birthdays, special occasions, appointments, etc.). It can also be a great place to capture leisure activities and ad-hoc events in the person’s life.

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    Support Tasks

    For efficient allocation of staff to individual support, recording delivery and non-delivery in a simple workflow.

    This module includes the ability for supporters to populate the individual’s support needs with selected daily, weekly, and monthly care schedule items/tasks to be carried out for a particular individual or for a group of people/location.

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    For coordinated assessment of needs with workflows mapped to support planning, reducing duplication and simplifying review practices.

    As staff capture individual’s needs through an online assessment module, iplanit automatically starts to build a tailored risk and support plan template based on stated provider guidelines and individual needs.

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    Incident & Event Management

    Continuous online recording, escalating and monitoring of incidents and events throughout the organisation.

    The module is a fully configurable solution for the capture, investigation and resolution workflows of a range of events or incidents involving People Supported, staff, property or equipment. Each incident or event type is configured with escalation protocols, response time alerts and various options for documents and notes.

    Referrals & Enquiries

    Smooth referral processing through introduction of supported individual to the organisation.

    The module allows providers to monitor their referral activity and minimise data duplication and errors. Nominated iplanit users can create a new referral and record the details of the referral applicant with a wide range of background information, and the referral status e.g. Active, Pending, Waitlisted, etc.

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    Budgets & Funding

    For allocating, managing, and monitoring funding from multiple sources in one, accessible dashboard.

    iplanit supports providers who are seeking to capture service delivery/outcome achievement and related costs so that they can drive provider billing and payment thus supporting funder needs to pay for outcome achievement. These costs are linked to service delivery activities offering a wide range of reports.

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    Location Management

    For multi-location organisations to maximise management overview through remote monitoring.

    The Location Management Module allows providers to manage the ‘non person’ elements of service delivery at a location or site level. Managers and staff have access to the records for their location; and area managers and central management are able to see the multiple sites they are responsible for, or central oversight.

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    Health Monitoring

    For quickly capturing important health and wellbeing data that can be monitored in real time.

    The Health Monitoring module allows staff to quickly and simply capture wellbeing data, which is then displayed as a chart over time allowing anomalies or concerns to be immediately visible. Alert parameters can be set for the various measurements to notify staff of anomalies.

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    Medication & MAR

    For medication dosage and delivery management.

    The Medication & MAR module facilitates the creation of a medication “profile” for an individual, defining all medications, dosages and schedules, which are escalated to the relevant individual.

    digital care planning software
    Quality Surveys

    For collection of service feedback and recommendations in a secure, GDPR-friendly format.

    Surveys are provided to the user/family in the form of online questionnaires with the usual iplanit accessible features to support enlarged text, icons, multimedia and different colour backgrounds. They are configured for each provider usually based on existing paper-based surveys.

    iplanit - care management software
    Staff Qualifications & Competencies

    For up-keep of your staff records, ensuring training and qualifications are compliant with regulatory, commissioning and service requirements.

    Managers can utilise the information to anticipate mandatory training renewals and inform staff development, ensuring staff teams meet the required standards. The set of reports available allow managers to match staff skills, competencies and interests to the activities of people supported, enabling more person-centred support.

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    Integration & Statutory Reporting

    For working seamlessly with other systems and connecting directly to regulators and funder systems.

    iplanit can be integrated with a number of other business systems, such as rostering, eMAR, finance and HR systems, as well as supporting Single Sign-On. Additionally, iplanit can be mapped and integrated with other services, such as healthcare settings and shared care records.

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