25th of May, London – In advance of the new GDPR regulations coming into place today, Aspirico has carried out an in-depth GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) due diligence process over the past year to ensure that the iplanit solution and the company is in full compliance with the various guidelines covered under the regulations.

Aspirico have been documenting our progress on this project for over a year and have updated this in the iplanit GDPR Readiness Plan which can be shared on request with iplanit customers and partners.

Aspirico staff have also run webinar briefings on the GDPR and compliance aspects of iplanit. On these webinars we have discussed how providers can utilise case management capabilities such as audit trails, secure central management of care documentation, quality dashboards, etc. to facilitate the key components of GDPR as part of social care service delivery processes. Please contact our staff under the contact us form on this website should you require recordings of these webinars.

We also demonstrated some of the capabilities which benefit service users, supporters and management with electronic care planning in the context of GDPR.

If you have any questions about GDPR, iplanit and how your data is processed by Aspirico for marketing activities, please feel free to contact us at lpallas@aspirico.com