July marks Good Care Month , honouring the great work carers do every single day. As the population grows , individuals of all ages with complex needs are requiring extra care and support. However, vacant job posts in adult social care continue to rise. Here at Aspirico, many of our Client Management Team have also had full careers in social care.

One in 10 social care worker roles and one in 11 care worker roles remain unfilled according to reports. To raise awareness of available careers within social care, we chatted to our team about the variety of roles and experiences they had while working in the sector.

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Social Care Job Roles Aspirico

What job roles did you have in social care?

Support Worker, Registered manager, Unit Business Manager, Director of Services

Support Worker and Service expert

Health Care Assistant, Activities Coordinator, Support Worker, Service Manager

Support Worker , Team Leader, Training

Client Manager

Care Coordinator, Registered Manager, Operations Director, Project Consultant

Disability Support Worker, Team Leader, Manager, Operations Manager

Social Care Work Enjoyment

What did you enjoy most about working in social care?

Working with incredible people and supporting them in a person centred and dignified way

The diversity of tasks and people. Gaining an understanding of what is valuable in life and death. Absolutely amazing meals from ‘Terry’ the cook. Learning about peoples lives.

Seeing and hearing about good stories

Making things happen for people supported. Driving inclusion. Helping people find happiness

Being able to make a direct and tangible impact on the lives of vulnerable people.

Interacting with the clients

Working with a purpose to better lives of others, making a difference, and building bonds and relationships.

Starting Career in Social Work

What would you say to someone starting their career in social care?

Its a passion not a job be sure its your passion

Try to work in as many different settings as possible, to see the core principles of care beyond the individual setting. Never do anything for someone who can do it for themselves. There’s always enough time for good care and offering choice.

Go for it – but treat people as you would your own family member

Enjoy it, you will never find a more fulfilling job role

I would say “go for it”, realise how important it is as a career, be prepared for it to be tough, but I don’t think any other career is as rewarding and fulfilling

You will learn a lot about yourself and grow as a person. The skills you will learn will assist you in all aspects of your life in the future. You will learn a deep respect for resilience & the importance of social correctness. You will learn from the clients you are working to assist.

That is beyond oneself, rewarding and significant career opportunities.

Aspirico Career

Do you feel like your work within social care has helped your role in Aspirico?

Absolutley. The ability to understand the needs and pressures of each and every role within social care and how iplanit can help to better the experiance

Very much so, it allows me to empathise with organisations and instantly see the trials and tribulations they face on a daily basis

1000000%, gives me a deeper understanding from various view points

100%, i understand service provider’s pain-points, frustrations and passion. I am able to draw on past experiences to provide better support and guidance.

Yes, understanding the challenges of care delivery from the customer perspective.

I think my previous experience, and that of my colleagues here at Aspirico is invaluable in understanding our customer’s needs, the challenges that staff face and what good support looks like. This allows us to build great relationships with our customers, and become consulting partners rather than just a support contact.

It has helped me understand my clients & customers needs and how the benefits of technology can greatly assist an organisation. It helps me explain the how person-centred the iplanit care planning software is and how it can help provide a full circle of care for the client as well as provide many benefits for the customer.

Siobhán graduated with a degree in Neuroscience in 2015 and since then has built up experience in science, healthcare, and technology. She divides her time between a range of marketing activities for Aspirico while also performing as a quality assurance engineer for the development team to test new releases of iplanit software.