January 2016, London– Social Care providers using iplanit across UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand for support and care planning are reporting enhanced return on investment as iplanit Version 5.0 with extended capabilities in work management reduces costs and improves efficiencies across an expanding array of care planning processes.

With the introduction of new modules such as Staff Tracker and Funding in iplanit 5.0, providers can now “close the loop” between inputs (time and task) and service user outcomes. This uniquely allows service managers to organise resources in a person centered manner to support personalised commissioning and co-production objectives.

The iplanit Staff Tracker module integrates regular care and support tasks for the service user/patient into the persons plans and service delivery calendar. It does this in a uniquely person centred way, dynamically managing the support plan and the outcomes for that person. In doing so, it promotes efficient use of staff resources saving time, money and avoiding duplication.

The Funding module tracks funding streams/budgets and services delivered for the individual service user/patient. These costs are linked to service delivery activities offering a wide range of reports which can be tailored for management and funders. iplanit supports providers who are seeking to capture service delivery/outcome achievement and related costs so that they can drive provider billing and payment thus supporting funder needs to pay for outcome achievement.

As before, all of the above is uniquely managed by iplanit in a transparent, accessible manner which promotes inclusion of end users and carers as a central value in support delivery.