Care Planning Software For Autism And Learning Disabilities

iplanit has been the care planning software of choice for many leading providers of Learning Disability and Autistic Spectrum support, due to its unique person-centred design and focus on outcomes. Real-time data that can proactively contribute to service improvement, risk management and regulatory compliance aligned to New Directions, HIQA Standards, and other commissioning body requirements.

Individuals being supported can have personal access to their support plans. The added benefit of this person-centred care planning software is that individuals can invite members of their circle-of-support into the care planning, delivery and monitoring processes of their life. Family, friends, social workers, employers, teachers or anyone else involved in assisting them to live a fulfilling and independent life can get involved through the person portal of the iplanit care management software. This cooperative multi-stakeholder approach streamlines support while keeping the person supported at the centre of it all.

iplanit software is configurable, meaning that providers can easily incorporate existing processes and tailor support plans to include specialised approaches such as Positive Behaviour Support and SPELL.

As support plans effectively belong to the service user, rather than the provider, using our social care management software helps records to remain consistent even when moving between services, such as respite or day centres.

Optional Modules featured below can be rolled out in addition to Core iplanit

Location Management Module

The Location Management Module

The Location Module allows learning disability and autism support providers to digitally plan group events along with real-time recording of location specific notes and incidents. Fire drills, equipment servicing, health and safety and PAT testing can all be scheduled at the touch of a button to assist in keeping people safe and achieiving compliance with HIQA and other commisioning bodies standards.

Support Tasks Module

The Support Tasks Module

The Support Tasks Module allows for scheduling of regular or one-off tasks for every individual supported. Delivery or Non-Delivery of these tasks is recorded and can be easily accessed for reviews and audits. Where a task is not completed, alerts are raised through the care management software to staff and managers in realtime.

For an overview of all Core and Optional iplanit care management software modules , click here

Check out a video created by NZCare Disability , one of our New Zealand Customers, about their use of iplanit
“iplanit has improved accessibility across our learning disability and autism support teams all over the U.K. by allowing them to get an overview of the people they support at the click of a button”

Vicky Edgecombe, iplanit Project Coordinator, Dimensions U.K.