NEWS: The new NDIS Mobile ApplicationWe read the Terms and Conditions, so you don’t have to!

Christmas has come early for some NDIS participants, with the launch of the new NDIS Participant Mobile Application (mobile app). Read on for our summary including the Terms, Conditions and Application Privacy Notice.

You may be thinking –

  • Who is the app for?
  • What can the app be used for?
  • And what do I need to know before downloading the app?

The app is titled my NDIS and was launched by the NDIA just before Christmas 2021 and will work alongside the myplace participant portal, which is also under review.

The mobile app is a user-friendly way for self-managed participant supports, funded through the NDIS, to be accessed on-the-go by participants and their authorised representatives. This allows easier accessibility to:

  • Submit, view and manage claims
  • Check and track their budget
  • View their self-managed plan and personal details

It can be downloaded from either the Google Play or Apple app stores.

There is a feedback option within the app that NDIA encourages users to use, to help improve their service and the functions within the app.

Privacy Notice

The app will collect personal information so that the participant can access supports under the NDIS. This is to confirm who is registering, whether access to the NDIS account is allowable, supports delivery, and for NDIS account protection.

The app will collect:

  • Participant’s full name
  • Participant’s date of birth
  • Participant’s NDIS number, and more

Private information of the participant is used to ensure the NDIS can deliver supports and that the supports and services are relevant, and that no unauthorised users are attempting to use the account.

By downloading the app, participants consent to sharing personal information with the NDIA and Services Australia, and that the Privacy Notice has been read and understood.

Terms and Conditions

To use the app, participants must read and agree to the terms and conditions, which are considered accepted by using the app. We have highlighted just a few of these terms below, with the document located here for further reading.

Participants will be required to log in using two-factor authentication when first opening the app. A code will be sent to the mobile phone number that is registered in the NDIA’s customer relationship management system. If multiple numbers are registered, the relevant mobile number must be selected for the code to be sent.

When accessing the app to log in, participants must only use their own NDIS account on their device, and not allow other people to use it while logged in.

Use of the app is not anonymous. By logging into the app, the NDIA can associate participants’ interactions in the app with them. If using the app to submit any personal information to the NDIA, including any health-related or other sensitive information, please ensure that it is true and accurate.

The app may enable participants to submit materials to the NDIA. It is acknowledged and agreed that the NDIA will treat any information or material submitted using the app in the same manner as the information it receives from participants via other channels. The NDIA does not warrant that these documents will continue to be available via the app in future, so is encourage that copies are kept. Participants are not excused from any requirement to provide materials to the NDIA if they cannot access the associated functionality provided in the app for any reason.

The app is voluntary and for participants unwilling to provide personal information to the NDIA, they may be unable to use the app. The NDIA will continue to be accessible via other means listed here.

The app may contain links to external websites or other software applications. Where this is the case, NDIA takes reasonable care in providing these links however does not take responsibility for the content presented within. NDIA does not endorse or recommend any links to external websites or apps, or third-party content, including products and services offered by, from or through those websites or apps’ content. We are unable to comment on what linked websites and apps NDIA intends to include.

The participant may elect, in writing at any stage, to cease use of the app. It is expected they will remove any copies of the app from their device. The NDIA may immediately terminate access to the app, if the participant is in breach or a threat is established.

Some functionality of the app may be reliant on online services, and these may be subject to interruption. The NDIA may stop providing these online services in the future, which may change or remove participants’ ability to use some app functions.

It is acknowledged that the app cannot be guaranteed to be error-free and further accept that the existence of any such errors will not constitute a breach of this document.

In conclusion, it is noted the mobile app may be very beneficial for NDIS self-managed participants and their representatives to access and manage assigned supports on-the-go in a user-friendly manner from their mobile device. This further empowers the participants with convenience, inclusion and autonomy of their funds.

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