2021 has been an exciting year for Aspirico in Australia and New Zealand . Despite the pandemic restrictions on travel, we continued to grow both the team on the ground and our client base. In order to meet the increased demand of new customer system configurations and existing customer enhancements, we have expanded our regional system configuration capabilities.In New Zealand, tens of thousands of users including provider staff, people supported and carers of people and their families are now able to centrally access their support plans, goals, calendars and more through iplanit. iplanit has helped enable the digital transformation agenda in New Zealand and it is becoming an early adopter of true co-design service delivery, transparency and inclusion.Australia saw NSW gain the most new customers in 2021, with further growth occurring as iplanit is rolled out to Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland. Increasingly, Australian clients value the sector-specific aspects of our ISO certified CMS which allows it to be configured to align with their values, missions and business needs.Common business needs addressed in 2021 included the ability to accurately report approved and non-approved use of restrictive practices to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission using the Events/Incident Management Module. In addition, the inclusion of people supported via the participant portal, the use of the Person-Centered Calendar to manage daily events and activities, using the NDIS Budget and Funding Module to accurately manage participants budgets and support services and enabling daily support via the Support Tasks Module, were important business benefits for providers and participants.Our continuous investment in the iplanit roadmap saw the release of iplanit version 6 with enhancements for mobile working. This allows support staff and management access to their data in an easy-to-read format, real-time, on the go.Additional enhancements are planned in 2022 including Medical Information and Medical Administration capabilities, Clinical Boards, New reports, data analysis and graphs, enhancements to allow Supported Independent Living Service Providers to better manage their locations and property compliance requirements in addition to enhanced matching between a staff member to a person supported, relative to their needs and requirements. The Australian/New Zealand team look forward to working closely with all our customers and prospects in 2022.

Happy New Year !

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Aspirico has been driven by the desire to help social care services become more person-centred. We do this through the development of innovative technology specifically for disability, mental health, and supported living services. Many of our client-facing staff are experienced social care professionals who are experts in person-centred principles and practice. Our technology team is passionate about evolving the iplanit case management system to meet provider and funder needs.