St George & Sutherland Community College is based in the St. George & Sutherland Shire of NSW.

SGSCC is a progressive service provider committed to empowering people with disabilities to live a life they choose.

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“…We wanted to really make sure that it was going to meet our needs and be configurable to what we needed rather than an off the shelf solution that we had to fit into…”

Angela Rose

DisAbility Manager, SGSCC

The Challenge

SGSCC required 100% compliance with the NDIS. They are committed to ensuring their service delivery standards supported their values, qualities and empowered people with a disability to achieve their hopes and dreams.

To this end they identified the need for a technology solution to assist with planning, support delivery, funding and quality management to improve business processes, drive quality standards, reduce paper based process costs and evidence value/compliance whilst supporting inclusion. 

Creating A Configurable Solution

iplanit provided SGSCC management, staff and service users with an online client management solution that evidenced value, quality and compliance with the NDIS, National Disability standards and relevant legislation.

The project included the core iplanit module covering digital planning and a range of optional modules including workflow management, financial management, KPI reporting, support/care management, enquiry management and integration into planning processes.

The Benefits

SGSCC deployed iplanit successfully in 2016. During the project, there was significant emphasis on improvements of business process and efficiencies.

SGSCC now successfully support their clients across their multiple service offerings. Reports have been configured to link into SGSCC’s specific and statutory KPI’s for quality, risk management and evidencing value to funders with complete compliance with the NDIS and enhancing outcomes.

This has provided management with significant improved competitiveness and replaced a cumbersome, expensive paper based system, thus saving valuable financial resources.

The IT skillset for staff has improved immensely, since the implementation of iplanit.  The system allows staff to easily log in an update and edit plans whenever they wish, providing flexibility and improved risk management through reminders and notifications to staff when plans and outcomes are overdue.

Other Benefits

iplanit can also be used by the person supported and by family and friends facilitating a deep level of transparency, empowerment and co-production. Stakeholders working with SGSCC have reacted with enthusiasm to the new levels of transparency which iplanit offers.

As iplanit is easily accessible on mobile devices, it can save the carer a lot of time travelling between offices and people they support allowing them to focus more on clients themselves.

As a result of the iplanit project, family and friends will be able to access the support plan and progress, empowering their engagement in a more productive way. Management now can monitor staff and unit performance, plan deployment, outcome and action progress and ensure quality compliance.

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