Kilcreggan Homes

Kilcreggan Homes is a Northern Ireland based service provider offering unique services to individuals with a learning disability, an autism spectrum condition or an acquired brain injury. Their aim is to enhance the lives of individuals using their services and facilities while also ensuring they themselves play an integral role in the local community.

Kilcreggan offers services in a variety of settings including their own housing provisions, individual homes and even a unique urban farm and garden centre. The emphasis is always on assisting the individual’s wish to have an active and inclusive participation in their community.

“The main selling point of the iplanit care management system was the fact that we could have all the information that we used stored in one place… It’s secure and confidential. Accessing the information is a click of 1 or 2 buttons.”


Manager, Kilcreggan Homes

The Challenge

Kilcreggan needed to have all of their information stored in one, easily accessible online care platform. Many of the funders they work in partnership with have a minimum requirement of holding records for 7 years.

Multiplying the number of tenants by the number of outcome plans, risk assessments and notes being recorded daily for each individual, would result in a great quantity of paper and the additional need for space to store it all.

In addition to this, care needs assessment plans, reports, and other information coming from social workers needed to be scanned and stored securely online.

Creating A Configurable Solution

To meet the above challenges, Kilcreggan Homes needed an online client management service to allow staff to easily record and access service user records, outcome plans, risk assessments, and social worker reports.

Additionally, in line with Kilcreggan’s service user inclusivity goals, they needed a version of the online system that the service user (or family member) could also access and provide input into their life outcomes and activities.

Having researched the possible options for an innovative, paperless, and secure online platform, the iplanit care management software was selected and has now been in use by Kilcreggan Homes since 2015.

The Benefits

Kilcreggan Homes use iplanit to drive improvements in information storage and ease of access in addition to managing individual outcome plans configured to provider and funder requirements. The other benefits include:

  • Improvements in service user inclusion. This is enabled through the service user “portal” allowing individuals receiving support at Kilcreggan Homes and their families to actively participate in the process. They can view their own outcome plans with the “My Plan” module while having access to the “Calendar” function allows them to view existing activities and plan new daily activities.


  • Reduction in paper-based processing costs.


  • Information storage and ease of access – As a result of the project, Kilcreggan Homes can now easily monitor and store individual notes, outcome plans, and risk assessments.


  • Improve Management information and Quality control – Using iplanit’s “Dashboard” and “Reports” modules, Kilcreggan Homes’ management and support workers are able to quickly access information with one or two clicks at any point in time. The greater accessibility and organised storage of information is meeting the needs of funders while also improving day to day tasks for all employees and service users.  iplanit is a key factor in moving the organisation rapidly towards a paperless service.


  • Quality and management information: The live reporting dashboard also allows managers to easily provide evidence of the value and quality of the service to external stakeholders while also satisfying the seven-year historical data protection and archiving/storage obligations that providers have.


  • Funder evidence of value: In addition, the funder configurations of individual outcome plans allow commissioners to be easily provided with accurate evidence of outcome-based achievement. Management has regular online reports to track the quality of service delivery and access to statutory performance indicator graphs.


  • People supported are feeling more in control of their own care. Person-centred software like iplanit allows individuals to see the progress that is being made on their plan outcomes while also having access to an enjoyable, unique activity calendar.


  • Support workers activity management – Staff members are impressed by the way the iplanit software at Kilcreggan Homes offers live information on an individual’s progress while the “Support Tasks” module informs them of the tasks that need to be completed to address the individual’s needs for the day.

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