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Centra Care and Support is part of the Clarion Housing and is one of UK’s largest housing and support providers with over 2,400 staff.

Circle manages some 65,000 homes and provides services for around 300,000 people across the U.K. Together with local authorities, care and support is provided for over 10,000 people with a wide range of needs.

Whether it’s helping people to live independently in their own homes through domiciliary care or providing supported accommodation, Circle puts people at the heart of everything they do, offering more choice and delivering first-class service.


Centra Care Clarion Housing Group iplanit Case Study

“Inclusive support means involving the person supported and their social circle in the planning of their care”

 The Challenge

In 2011, Centra Support services were looking for ways to ensure their support was focused on service user’s outcomes and to ensure service user engagement would always be at the very heart of the services they offer. To do this they required a system to capture all the outcomes, tracked progress and made this visible to service users in an accessible manner.

They also wished to proactively manage and monitor service quality and performance along with the administration and paperwork overheads associated with care and support planning.

In addition to the above, the wider aged care, supported housing, mental health and vulnerable people support teams who were supporting thousands of clients, had a requirement to replace and consolidate a range of existing legacy care and support planning processes.

Creating A Configurable Solution

The iplanit web based solution was seen by Circle as the most inclusive and flexible option available as it provides a highly accessible view of the person’s plan, progress and all related care and support related documentation to service users, family, carers, supporters and others.

This enabled a transparent view of service performance with links to quality and outcome based reporting for management, inspectors and funders.


Results and Benefits

iplanit has been rolled out to over eight thousand teams (and growing) working right across the range of Centra Support‘s operations. In addition, iplanit manages archived records for over 12,000 service users.

Significant savings have been made in terms of replacing electronic and paper based reporting and planning processes. iplanit has replaced over eight different plan related data sources and streamlined reporting across all of these operations.

The solution incorporates a wide range of iplanit capabilities including the referral/intake process, an integrated approach to needs assessment and risk management, dynamic links into intelligent support and care plans plus a reporting, quality management and activity scheduling capabilities for management and other stakeholders.

This has led to a considerable savings in terms of time and effort by the Centra quality team and has helped to further improve their personalisation agenda and the quality of services delivered.

Centra can illustrate, directly from point of care data, the evidence of outcomes achieved and adherence to statutory guidelines, to funders and inspectors.

Finally, iplanit is delivering savings in terms of streamlined paper based processes and reduced back office administration costs through a highly configured suite of dashboard reporting capabilities.


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