The thought of changing from the comfort of paper based methods to online care management software can be scary. Change is the only constant in life,social care should be no different!

Our recent Q&A session with Dimensions U.K. highlights insider tips, tricks and experiences.

Want to know the answers to the following questions?

  1. What types of organisations use digital planning tools like iplanit?
  2. Why do organisations use online care management software?
  3. What are the most appealing and useful features of online care management?
  4. How is working with Aspirico?
  5. What is it most important to know as a project manager rolling out a care management system?
  6. How does a digital support project progress into the future?

We chatted to Vicky Edgecombe, the Activate and iplanit coordinator at Dimensions, about her experience with the iplanit care management system and how it was used to roll out their unique support model, Activate.

Check out the video below to find out more below!


About Dimensions

Dimensions is one of the largest not-for-profit U.K. providers supporting 3,500 people with learning disabilities, autism, behaviour that challenges and complex needs.

The Activate methodology is based on extensive social care research carried out by the Tizard Centre (University of Kent), Dimensions and the Challenge Behaviour Foundation. Research was carried out over 2 year in 24 services and the result was a new support model that would benefit more than 3,500 people supported. Dimensions wanted to address behaviour that challenges in a way that improved people’s lives while also keeping the person at the centre of their own care and support. The problem with a roll out of the methodology on a large scale was delivering a new technological infrastructure to support this outcomes-based model whilst managing the challenging nature of change for the front line workforce.

From learning to peel a potato, to taking the steps needed to have a holiday, the people supported by Dimensions are stretching their horizons more than ever before!

Activate is transforming the lives of the people supported by Dimensions, with 10,000 outcomes already recorded through the iplanit care management system, each with steps to achieving them!

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Siobhán graduated with a degree in Neuroscience in 2015 and since then has built up experience in science, healthcare, and technology. She divides her time between a range of marketing activities for Aspirico while also performing as a quality assurance engineer for the development team to test new releases of iplanit software.