16th of April, London – Following a two year development cycle with a number of beta clients, Aspirico are pleased to launch the uniquely integrated incident management solution for provider of services in social care and mental health services.

This iplanit module can operate as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated add on to an existing iplanit implementation. It provides a comprehensive solution to management and staff who need to gathering, monitoring and report on incidents/events of any type during the course of their service delivery activities.

The solution can monitor and report on people supported, staff and others involved in areas such as safeguarding, complaints, compliments, missed medication errors, near misses and accidents/incidents.

It also includes a comprehensive set of capabilities to over see risk management, compliance and early intervention needs. It assists the provider in analysing, reporting and highlighting potential hazards to prevent future re-occurrence, in particular where providers are working with vulnerable adults and children.  It has a comprehensive alerting and notification system along with a wide range of provider specific and statutory reports.

If you would like to find out more about the Events and Incident management module, please contact Aspirico here.