COVID-19 Provider Guidance for iplanit Care Management Software 

We appreciate that our customers are facing unprecedented challenges during this global coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve compiled some helpful tips and guidance to help organisations get the most out of the iplanit care management software during this time.

See our COVID-19 provider guidance below.

Thank you Health and Social Care

The global COVID-19 pandemic has meant unprecedented measures being taken across the world, creating fresh challenges for society, none more so than within the health and social care sector.

Aspirico remains in awe and gratitude to everyone on the frontline delivering care and support services, particularly all of our customers in the U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Ensuring Business Continuity

During this time of uncertainty and challenges, be reassured that Aspirico has the systems and processes in place to provide seamless business continuity.

Our business activities are fully supported through our proven remote delivery track record.

We have signed the Covid-19 Business Pledge and as a responsible employer we are ensuring the welfare of our staff.

Our Commitment To You

Our Client Management, Development and Support teams are fully enabled to work from home, and have an active reach out plan to all of our customers to support you.

Your client manager can also provide you with detailed information on how providers can maximise the existing functionality of iplanit to support remote service delivery and monitoring needs.

Supporting Your Projects

For new or existing customers, our QuickStart implementation process can be managed and delivered remotely, as can training sessions and/or system demonstrations.

Our management team will review our operational readiness on a regular basis and continue to update all customers, old and new, as we work together through this testing time.

Useful Capabilities

The following iplanit capabilities can help providers to safely continue caring and supporting people within health and social care settings.

Remote Working

As a cloud-based system,iplanit offers managers and supervisors remote access to the software for real-time monitoring and co-ordination of services.

Infection Control

Using iplanit’s online system through any type of regularly sanitised device is inherently more hygienic than paper-based systems.

Circle of Support

Family and friends, through the “Invited Person” login, can keep up to date with a loved one’s support plans, daily schedules and outcomes.

Internal Messaging

Teams can be informed of daily check-ins, “stay- safe” reminders, policy clarifications and operational status updates using iplanit’s internal messaging functionality.


The ability to attach/include media to the record of a supported individual allows you to upload vital information relating to COVID-19.

Notes & Logs

The highly configurable nature of iplanit means that a separate note board can be created to record COVID-19 specific detail within daily contact notes.


Use of the dashboard and specific reports can identify local trends in real-time (e.g. symptoms within individuals in a certain location).

COVID-19 Plans

Unique support plans with risk assessments and outcomes related to COVID-19 can be created and linked to specific KPIs

Working with Aspirico

Should you wish to explore any of these options with respect to your iplanit system, find support here.

Need some Guidance?

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Trusted Sources of Information

Compliance with the guidelines set by your government and health authorities is of upmost importance at this time.

Ensure you are getting your information from trusted sources.

Interested in finding out more?

If you wish to explore how the iplanit care management system can assist providers through this challenging COVID-19 pandemic feel free to reach out to us below.