Benefit: Service Transformation through Inclusion and Accountability

Support service user, carer inclusion and empowerment through accessible, multimedia enabled, person centred plans by delivering an integrated range of capabilities which are not available to the individual/carer with paper based approaches. iplanit does this in an accessible, multimedia enabled format which is a new departure for systems in the arena of social care.

iplanit promotes Inclusion by:

  • Giving individuals greater control of what information is recorded and who gets to see what. Individuals can also safely share their plans and related multimedia content online.
  • Allowing an individual or their family member to track progress on actions and outcomes.
  • Being fun to use- iplanit makes individual plans come alive with rich, intuitive multimedia functionality.
  • Better Participation- iplanit allows an individual to easily track and provide feedback on progress on actions and outcomes making individual support plans come alive with rich, intuitive multimedia functionality. Individuals can personalise the plan with their own multimedia clips and images.
  • Empowering people and enabling them to keep track of outcomes. iplanit puts the "action into planning" and really highlights what is working and not working.
  • Promoting transparency and efficiency by tracking progress and highlighting where plans, actions or outcomes are behind schedule.

iplanit reinforces a culture of accountability and collaboration, all within a clear set of person centred values by:

  • Allowing Support Providers to roll out organisation standards across regions or national groups. It helps monitor the quality and effectiveness of services in their organisation by linking progress on outcomes to any of the quality measures in use across the UK.
  • Allowing service providers to easily evidence quality and value of services when tendering for new contracts, an increasingly important consideration in the context of the recent spending review.
  • Enabling Support providers manage and monitor the implementation of Person Centred Planning approaches in their organisations more easily.

If you would like to see a personalised walk through of how iplanit can help support your inclusion agenda, please get in touch at CLOAKING