Technology and Security

Aspirico Server™ OVERVIEW


The iplanit PLATFORM

iplanit offers clients a unique combination of capabilities which allow providers to quickly replicate their unique paper based support plans (with related assessment, quality and risk management processes) on a secure, intuitive, internet based service. This is achieved through a combination of software modules, service methodology and an extensive library of related templates.

iplanit has a range of options for different user groups and provider organisation types and service settings. The underlying framework provides a technology base which allows different versions and views of iplanit to operate in a seamless, integrated manner, making it easy to rollout iplanit across different service user groups and locations

Optional Modules for additional capability integrate with the core server, allowing these also to be used across diverse user groups and service settings. By combining these optional modules with hundreds of "best practice" care and support plan templates, regional, national and international KPI standards, outcome frameworks, iplanit allows you to easily and quickly configure a solution that meets your specific service and client needs.


iplanit can be deployed via a managed, hosted service delivery model (ASP), which allows our customers to quickly take advantage of our full range of capabilities with minimal capital expenditure and risk. The hosted option provides organisations with a secure hosted service, backed by 24/7 support and strengthened by mission critical service-level guarantees. There is also an option to host within your own organisation with the "On Premise Option".


Aspirico is very aware that privacy and security of data is a critical component to any such service. To this end we have incorporated the highest levels of security into the services offered. These include enhanced data encryption, password protection, pin locking, version controls, audit trails and use of industry standard authentication and verification approaches to ensure only approved users have access to relevant data and associated media on the system. For more information please see our security worksheet.