Optional Modules

We recognise that iplanit customers have diverse service user and organisational needs so we have created a range of optional modules that can added by customers to significantly increase the capabilities of the service. The modules have been designed in collaboration with our customers and sector specialist consultants. Optional Modules Include:

  • CALENDAR: This multimedia enabled calendar module saves time, supports inclusion and allows teams to track the service user/patient's care and support activities and support plan key events.
  • REFERRAL/INTAKE: The iplanit referral module allows relevant support team members to manage the referral process whilst automating notifications, tracking and minimising data duplication, errors and administration/reporting costs.
  • SURVEY: Getting client and carer feedback on quality and end user satisfaction with services through multimedia enabled, online surveys with summary reports to support strategic decision making.
  • FUNDING: The iplanit funding module tracks funding streams/budgets and services delivered for the individual service user/patient. A wide range of reports can be tailored to roll this information up for management and funders and link service delivery/outcome achievement into billing systems.
  • INTEGRATED NEEDS ASSESSMENT WITH RISK MANAGEMENT: This iplanit module delivers an integrated, detailed needs assessment process in a person centred manner that links needs, risk management and support plans in a unique manner. This avoids information silos and allows managers, supporters and carers to minimise paperwork and ensure safeguarding and quality are to the fore of service delivery.
  • SUPPORT TASKS TRACKER: This module manages regular (e.g. daily and weekly) care and support tasks for the service user/patient to be managed in an integrated way within the planning and service delivery calendar. It does this in a uniquely person centred way linked dynamically into the support plan and the outcomes for that person. In doing so, it promotes efficient use of staff resources in an integrated manner saving time, money and avoiding duplication.
  • IPLANIT CONNECT: iplanit connect is an integration module (API) which may be relevant to some providers who wish to set up direct information exchange between iplanit and their existing systems.

If you would like to find out more about the optional modules, get in touch with us at CLOAKING